Probate Administration

When a loved one dies without leaving a trust (or forgetting to fund the trust by titling assets in the name of the trust), there are complicated legal issues that can arise for the surviving family members and beneficiaries. For larger valued estates over $166,250, a probate may be required in order to distribute the real property and personal assets of the decedent to the legal beneficiaries. Depending on whether there was a valid will of the decedent, the executor will be appointed as the personal representative of the estate.  If there was no will, then one of the beneficiaries can seek appointment as administrator.  For smaller estates under $166,250, there are alternatives to probate that permit the transfer of personal property to surviving heirs. The probate process can be confusing without a thorough knowledge of the applicable California laws and Probate Court procedures. Contact our office and we would be happy to assess your particular situation and guide you through this complicated area of law.

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Our Approach

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